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Cutting Edge Technologies

State of the art technology from the most advanced hubs of the software engineering community.

Fast Responsive Websites, cross-platform applications, highly-available and peak-performance cloud computing, machine learning and more...

Customer Focused

We make our clients feel close to the project, like inspired creative directors who see their vision coming to life in-front of their eyes real-time, with the power to be involved as deeply as they want for the parts they choose.

We use small frequent-feedback iterations, and agile methodologies, to guarantee the result fits the requirements perfectly.

Innovation / Creativity

No two projects are the same. We always experiment with new concepts, original approaches, unique solutions

Imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

-- Einstein

Unique Designs

We approach each design as an art project, some times we are after the wow response, other times low-key clean business look and feel, the possibilities are endless, it's always fresh and we never compromise.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

-- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Traffic Generation / SEO / Social Media

Your business needs to be seen, it needs to get the exposure it deserves and the social proof to fuel its sales.

Investing into building its online presense and digital Marketing with Skylitup is the single most important thing you can do to give it a chance to grow into a healthy profitable business.

We have a proven track-record of propelling our customers to the first page in Google and growing their Instagram followers to many thousands of real people after a few months of strategic activity and backlinks building.

Skylitup is a software house delivering unique online presence for a diverse global clientele and a digital marketing powerhouse generating traffic, building social proof and driving growth and sales.

The online perception of a business today is one of the most important elements of any company. If it resonates with the target audience and reaches the markets at high enough volumes, that is the key that unlocks success.


We combine:
– masterful engineering, powerful technologies and unique creative designs to tell our customer’s story
– advanced traffic generating strategies to make sure the story is heard by as many of the right people as possible.

Customer Focus

Every customer has a unique message, a story that waits to be told in a way that will have the maximum impact with the intended audience.

At Skylitup we love this part of the process, the part where we listen…
really listen …
and understand…
our customer’s story, the context, the background, the product/service and the profile of their consumers.

We spend the time

We love to involve the customer at every stage of the project’s lifecycle.
We seek frequent feedback and empower the owner to guide us and give us direction.
Our customer is part of the team, the driver who helps us shape the vision and comes along the product creation journey.

Small iterations, early prototyping, interactive collaborative sessions and teamwork is how make sure we stay on the right track.

We encourage participation but the level and area of involvement is our customer’s choice.

is something we make sure we do right, as we see it fundamental for being able to convey the right message spot on.


A big part of our portfolio is building websites.

This is the forefront of our product so

We build high quality premium sites, secure, highly performant and responsive on all the devices.

Our creations are tailor-made for the individual, they are not based on one-size-fit-all templates.

Each website is as unique as the customer’s story is.


Aesthetics/ design and HCI (human computer interaction) is a big part of Web design.

The goal is to strike a balance between simplicity and ease of use, while at the same time having this extra edge, something to differentiate it from the crowd; beautiful animations, interesting graphics, something to set us apart, without being over the top.

The look and feel depends the brand and what feelings we want to evoke but whatever it is we make sure the user interface is simple enough that it won’t cause pain to the user to figure out…



We believe our customers deserve a solution that will be super-easy to maintain.

Skylitup delivers high quality, uncompromised websites and apps, which carry very low maintenance cost and will be generating value for many years to come.

For the dynamic parts of the site, things our customer will want to be changing in the future, we go the extra mile to make sure change is as frictionless and simple as can be.
The best way to put it is:

"We make sure , instead of you working for the technology"

Getting on the first page in Google and the other search engines is a guaranteed way to generate value for your business.

People trust organic search engine results. They have come to rely on them, it’s where every browsing interaction starts from.

Modern users think of Google as the source of truth.
5.6 billion Google searches are made every day (63,000 searches per second). There are daily 250 million unique extremely targeted visits resulting either from Google Search Ads or Display Network. In 2018 the Google’s revenue from ads was 116 billion dollars.

The unimaginable amount of potential in this marketing machine is difficult to grasp. It is like the brightest energy source, shining like the sun. Even if one manages to tap into a very very small slice of it, the value a business can draw from it is limitless.

The key fact is that people arriving by searching for the thing you sell

This is the most powerful source of traffic, many times more effective when compared to traditional advertisements.

e.g. The probability of someone spending money when arriving from Google search is much higher than when arriving from clicking around in Facebook.

When it comes to SEO, we never do “Black-Hat” techniques
(trying to manipulate and trick the google machine)

Search engines constantly evolve and become better at finding what the user is searching for, but when it comes to choosing which competitor to place higher on the results list, it’s something we can influence and make our customers’ business come afloat
using safe and real-value methodologies (Backlinks Building and Google Ads).

Google has more than 200 ranking factors and the exact algorithm will always be secret.
Attempts to manipulate the algorithm by doing things like creating fake links, eventually always does more harm than good, because eventually Google evolves to fish them out and penalizes the practitioners, effectively making them completely invisible online.

At we bring high-volume and laser-targeted traffic
using Google Ads and White-Hat SEO.

We build highly sophisticated Google-Ads PPC campaigns,
with thousands of tailor-made keyword-bids,
aiming to maximize impression-share, click-through-rate and Conversion-Rate,
while keeping the Averate Cost-Per-Click as low as possible (optimization of Keyword Quality-Score for at the Ad-group level), striving to 

get the for the available advertising budget

We also take it to the next level with Remarketing Campaigns in the Display Network and by making use of Google Scripts to generate efficiencies humanly impossible.

When we bring SEO to the mix, we do so by authoring real-value, quality content linking back to your business and publishing it out there on the most relevant and high “Domain-Rating” websites,

safely and surely

This ranks-climbing is impossible to fake

Being on the top of the staircase, for laser-targeted search queries,
with organic or pay-per-click results…

– On one hand, paid advertisements gives unique control on who, when and for which search-queries your business will be shown.
This a sure-proof way to take advantage of the massive traffic and buyer’s intent that pass through the gates of Google every second of the hour every day.
It is a guaranteed way to increase sales immediately.

– On the other hand, the long-term SEO investment, with a strong backlinks network of real content provides concrete proof to search engines that your business should be returned first in the results
and the positive effect is long-lasting and guaranteed to persist no matter how much the algorithms change.

This combination is today the most powerful marketing weapon one can use in the competitive business world and

SkyLitUp is one of the best ways to

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